What We Do

The ValuePoint Process

Whether your organization needs one of these services or all of them, you can count on ValuePoint to provide exceptional support and service with a clear return on investment.

With a simple pricing model, we are typically able to introduce ValuePoint to your company and realize an immediate savings – no matter what industry your organization serves. Our team focuses on an aggressive cost-savings program that pushes for improvements in price, usage and service.

We also work with you to monitor improvements in operational availability as a result of improved material management and service. All of these factors must push to the bottom line, or they remain ineffective.


Implementing a procurement system into your daily operations can help with your purchase of indirect supplies to contribute to your business’s success. ValuePoint can help develop a system that is specific to your business.

Integrated Supply

Working with a wide range of industries allows us the opportunity to partner with various suppliers. Our  relationships with these businesses allows us to negotiate prices that saves you money and increases your bottom line.

Store Room - Tool Crib

Keeping just the right number of materials on hand saves your company money and relieves the stress of managing materials. We concentrate on achieving 99% of inventory accuracy for our customers. We can help you achieve your goals.


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Wholesale Distribution

We represent you in purchasing from wholesalers, saving you time and money. We partner with wholesalers to obtain the best price for materials. Using our services gives you the ability to free up your employees to work on other projects.


We bring you reliable consulting that can reduce your cost. We can help you recognize changes that need to be made and execute a plan that will save money.Implementing these changes will save you money and increase your profit.