Effective Controls

Assuring processes are managed & controlled

We ensure that regardless of sector, your processes are better managed and flawlessly controlled, leaving you with the time and energy to run your business.

Partnering with ValuePoint Material Solutions

Your organization’s materials inventory will be better managed, better controlled and better supported. How do we do this?

We “Plan for Every Part” (PFEP). While many organizations buy materials based on a perceived need, ValuePoint determines your exact need, saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

With ValuePoint’s PFEP, inventory is based on the inter-related variables of equipment, application, criticality, lead-time to supply, hits, ranking and supplier stocking locations. Phases of a part’s life cycle — and how the part is tied to equipment — are electronically recorded.

Simply Put:  You get the right part at the right time, and inventory is cycled down to a minimum. With this said, we do understand the criticality of your process and can tailor our approach to your needs, such as utilizing different parameters for critical times, etc.

  • Management and procurement of all materials
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Dynamically adjusted inventory controls
  • Improved stock-out rates
  • Minimized inactive/obsolete materials
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Supplier management
  • One point of contact for suppliers and clients
  • Ensured supplier service and compliance
  • Distribution management
  • Elimination of production downtime
  • Reduced waits for crucial supplies
  • Fragmented inventory consolidation
  • Point-of-use vending and kitting

Case Study 2

Tier 2 Automotive Components Manufacturer
  • Michigan Complex
  • Heavy Machinging/Assembly
  • 1.2M Sq. Ft. Mfg. Space
  • 600+ Associates$6M Annual Indirect Spend

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