Frequently Asked Questions

Explanations of some of the services that we provide and how we can help your business. Contact us for more detail.

Vision and Action Plan

We can help you develop a plan that will fit your needs. From a full management program to simple consulting our staff can assist your company in material management and procurement activities. We tailor our services to fit your needs. Through the initial steps, we can assist in building a scope of services based on our discovery in collaboration with you.

How can we help with your purchasing?

We have relationships with over 6,000 vendors in practically every industry and can work with vendors that you may have existing agreements or desire to keep them as part of your support structure. Our job is to find products that you need at the lowest price and delivered on time. Our staff will always look for and provide an option for improved price points and services. If needed, we can require your approval prior to changing sources.

Justify the Cost of Value Point’s Programs

As a service provider, we understand that our programs must have a clear return on investment. Depending on the scope of services, we can provide a program that will pay for itself and provide additional ROI above and beyond the program cost through structured cost savings programs. We help you incorporate this return on your investment for your organization.

Do you need help with assessments?

Each of clients are different. During the discussion and discovery process, our staff will come and assess your situations under normal circumstances. Seeing your operation(s) firsthand and asking the right questions helps us build the right service set for you.

Can’t we do the same things that ValuePoint does?

This is our area of expertise, whereas most businesses have incorporated this type of work into their business because it is needed, therefore, done in an reactive style, instead of at a level to ensure it supports your financial goals. Our staff and systems are designed and trained to do only this type of work.

Do you provide Services for a smaller company?

Smaller companies may benefit from a simple consulting approach that lays the groundwork for what you can do internally, while larger organizations will see the most financial gain from a total program approach.

How does Industrial Vending Machines work?

Your system is configured to limit item access based on roles. Employees authenticate with an ID and use integrated touchscreens to select what they need. Once the item is dispensed, the details are automatically recorded in the database. We work with you to create a custom management systems for both durable and consumable products.