Managing your Inventory

the right amount of inventory on hand is good for your bottom line

Balancing your inventory can be complicated; keeping more parts on hand than necessary or running short can cost you money.

We can help improve your financial bottom line

Keeping the right amount of inventory help with your financial bottom line. It isn’t worth having parts and supplies around for years and not being used, the same for coming up short on parts, both situations can cost a company money. With the services that we provide strikes a perfect balance, through spend reduction, inventory reduction, staff focus and providing solid internal controls and positive audits.

  • Management and procurement of all materials
  • Inventory reduction
  • Dynamically adjusted inventory controls
  • Improved stock-out rates
  • Minimized inactive and obsolete materials
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Supplier management
  • One point of contact for suppliers and clients
  • Ensured supplier service and compliance
  • Distribution management
  • Eliminationof production downtime
  • Reduced waits for crucial supplies
  • Fragmented inventory consolidation
  • Point-of-use vending and kitting

Tool Control Systems

Organization is essential for keeping track of tools and equipment in your business. Our staff can set you up with the hardware, software and RFID technology to keep your facility organized. Check out just some of the options that we provide.

  • Secure storage lockers and drawers
  • Precision-cut foam inserts
  • Electronic records issue and return
  • Serialized tooling inventory
  • Usage and inspection tracking

Case Study

Tier 1 Automotive Manfacturer

Michigan Complex

  • Heavy Machining
  • 3.1M Sq Ft Mfg Space on 410 Acres
  • 4800+ Associates
  • $50M Annual Indirect Spending

ValuePoint Solutions

Our experienced staff can help you identify your problem areas and customize a cost-saving solution for you.