Why ValuePoint?

We Are A Cut
Above The Rest!

The material supply world is cluttered and confusing. There are thousands of manufacturers and distributors with various allegiances. Many claim to have material management specialties, but few have the credentials and the focus to truly perform.

At ValuePoint Material Solutions, we are different. We are your partner and advocate, not a vendor. ValuePoint does not sell product and is not a distributor, nor do we represent any manufacturers. As a service provider, we seek to have our pricing model reflect the flexibility our clients require. We know that one size does not fit all. We offer customized solutions to fit your needs.


Improvement comes when performance is measured. We work with your leadership to develop comprehensive metrics that measure what’s important to your bottom line: material spend, cost-per-piece, daily spend-to-budget performance, and overall cost savings. By knowing what to spend where save you time and money. Let us handle the specifics.

Financial Integrations

Our staff provides comprehensive, detailed month-end reports that are fully aligned with your financial reporting system and general ledger balance. Keeping track of spending to individuals and departments while addressing spend performance on the floor level. We can take care of your payables and receivables, and even cut the checks or ACH payments to all vendors and service providers.

On-Site Customer Service

Our support team is always available to assist your employees with details of materials procurement and management. If requested, we can also provide expert product support and highly trained technicians who offer specific product support. We do the research for you, freeing up time, so you can pay attention to your core responsibilities.