Your organization and and its needs are unique.

Our first step in consulting is to get to know your company, staff, and your needs.

We take the time to meet with you, learn about your company, your goals, your challenges, and plans to grow your business and increase profits.

Our Process

We get to know your business through observation, talking with you and your associates and review of what you have available. Through this process we can provide you with feedback and help develop a strategy and plans that will give you steps to increase your profits and investments.

  • Organization’s geographic location(s)
  • Current materials situation – What materials you may want included in a program, and the current cost of these materials.
  • Inventory, including part numbers in your catalog, on- and off-site cribs, and how they are manned, including point-of-use presentations such as bins or vending machines
  • System for materials procurement accounting and detailed reports
  • Purchasing process, including how items are quoted and approved, existing contracts and shipping terms
  • Number of personnel involved in the materials process: management, crib attendants, purchasing, accounting, systems, etc.
  • Looking at the whole picture including, including jobs that are overlooked and  how you would like to see in your ideal indirect materials program work.

Case Study 3

Big 3 Powertrain Operation

  • Heavy Maching/Assembly
  • 2 M Sq. Ft. Manufacturing Space
  • 2000+ Associates
  • $15M Annual Indirect Spend.

We get to know your company, employees and your needs.

As consultants at ValuePoint, we work together with our clients to make their business the best it can be.