Why valuepoint

Why ValuePoint? We Are A Cut Above The Rest!

The material supply world is cluttered and confusing. There are thousands of manufacturers and distributors with various allegiances. Many claim to have material management specialties, but few have the credentials and the focus to truly perform. At ValuePoint Material Solutions, we are different. We are your partner and advocate, not a vendor. ValuePoint does not sell product and is not a distributor, nor do we represent any manufacturers. As a service provider, we seek to have our pricing model reflect the flexibility our clients require. We know that one size does not fit all. We offer customized solutions to fit your needs.

In our industry, companies hire organizations to perform value-added services, but most often their only goal is to gain control over your material flow, which is then often re-directed to their own organization. Simply put: They want your business so it becomes their business. It is not in your best interest, it is in theirs. Ask if their on-site associates at your location have sales expectations. Their answer might surprise you – if they answer at all.

Turnover of these organizations is frequent because customers quickly learn that the services are not being provided with their best interest in mind, and/or the provider leaves the opportunity once it is no longer able to keep the material flow or price pressures make it less lucrative.

ValuePoint is not a distributor or a manufacturer. We provide what is best for you with no hidden agendas. It is the ValuePoint difference.

Your DATA is Safe with Us!

ValuePoint protects your data like our own! Our network and data are housed and managed at an offsite data center.

• Housed in that data center, our systems are assured 24/7 power, monitoring, and support by both our own IT staff and that of the center’s provider.

• This same center is supporting hospitals that REQUIRE the absolute top level of safety, compliance, and availability.

• Security of data is also ensured by complete off-site backup to a second, fully compliant data center that does not compete with data traffic to our customer sites.

• Internet bandwidth to customer sites can flex with the demand, from 0 to over 100 mbps.

• The latest technology with hardware properly maintained and updated regularly both from a software and a hardware perspective.

• Redundant EVERYTHING protects from any downtime: hardware, networks (internet), power, batteries, generators and cooling. Complete denial of service attacks (DDOS) and intrusion prevention.

• Complete N+1 redundancy on all hardware, networks (internet), power, batteries, generators and cooling.

• Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) standards meeting SAS 70 & SSAE 16 auditing.
• HIPAA compliant.
• PCI DSS compliance v.2.0.

Are You Ready for the ValuePoint Difference?

Let us create customized solutions to fit your needs.