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Save You Money | Putting the Value in ValuePoint

Your bottom line. We can talk about how ValuePoint Material Solutions will make your organization run more smoothly (and it will). We can talk about how ValuePoint will get you more organized (and it will). And we can talk about how ValuePoint will boost your productivity (it will). But let’s talk about what often means the most: Your bottom line. ValuePoint will save you money. It’s a big statement backed by great confidence.


In this year, across all ValuePoint clients and client locations, ValuePoint averaged 12.3% cost savings. The key to this is in the details:

1. For all clients, our cost savings are tracked and reported by you, using their rules for acceptance and the category definitions contained within the contracts.
2. All clients require their own finance departments to review and approve the savings we submit before they book it.
3. Many of our clients, including our largest, are organizations we have partnered with for more than a decade, and we are still providing double-digit returns.

How do we do it? The ValuePoint strategic sourcing team is dedicated to obtaining the best prices for materials with absolutely no preference to type or brand (unless required by you). We are an independent, true third-party partner with no hidden agenda. Our aggressive cost-savings program pushes for improvement in price, usage, application and service. Knowing that the global trend toward outsourcing elements of the supply chain is driven by the need to procure product at the best price while also providing superior customer service, ValuePoint can implement at your location(s) with the best mix of price and service for your organization.

ValuePoint Values & Operating

ValuePoint Material Solutions is an entrepreneurial company defined by a passion for people, process and performance. We provide leadership empowered by accountability, respect and trust. Our relationships are built on mutual recognition, communication and integrity.

We Pledge to:

  • Provide a seamless solution to your procurement and material management needs by streamlining processes and providing the data to improve control.
  • Place emphasis on teamwork and relationships.
  • Communicate openly and sincerely.
  • Maintain the utmost integrity.
  • Treat each client individually and uniquely.
  • Be data driven and result oriented.
  • Always exceed expectations, both our own and that of our client.
  • Manage your business to reduce overall cost and show a return on your investment.

Are You Ready for the ValuePoint Difference?

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