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Increase Productivity  |  Let Us Take Care of That for You

These days, the trend is toward less productivity, not more. As organizations cut staff and budgets, each employee wears many hats — and that’s just to provide your company’s main product or service. Throw in all the time, manpower and money spent on materials management, vendor relationships, accounting and more, and it’s a wonder much gets accomplished. ValuePoint Material Solutions exists so that you can get back to doing what you do best: Your business.

Avoid Shutdown

How productive are you when you’re not even operating or providing your services? At ValuePoint, we accept responsibility for the processes we support. Failures in our processes are unacceptable. Holding up hundreds, if not thousands, of client associates could potentially cost millions of dollars. As a result, we know and understand priorities and the criticality of our clients’ businesses, and we operate as we do our own when representing them within their own teams.

Complete Metrics Development

Improvement comes when performance is measured. ValuePoint works with your leadership to develop comprehensive metrics that measure what’s important to your bottom line: material spend, cost-per-piece, daily spend-to-budget performance, and overall cost savings. By knowing what to spend where – and letting ValuePoint handle the specifics – you save time and money.

Full Financial Integration

ValuePoint provides comprehensive, detailed month-end reports – fully aligned with your financial reporting system and general ledger balance – that help you track spending to individuals and departments while addressing spend performance on the floor level. The ValuePoint accounting team takes care of your payables and receivables, and even cuts the checks or ACH payments to all vendors and service providers. This means you spend less time paying out to hundreds or thousands of vendors: You write one check and deal with one point of contact. Now that’s productive!

On-Site Customer Service

ValuePoint’s always-available support personnel assist your employees with the details of materials procurement and management. If needed or desired, we can also provide expert product support and highly trained technicians who offer specific product support. We know you don’t have time to search for answers. You pay attention to your core responsibilities, and let ValuePoint handle the rest.

Are You Ready for the ValuePoint Difference?

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