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Assess Your Needs  |  Putting the Point in ValuePoint

If an independent service provider tries to tell you it has the solutions to your needs without even knowing what your needs are: Be wary. Your organization is unique. Your needs are unique. And stock solutions don’t get the results that a well-researched, customized approach will garner.

At ValuePoint Material Solutions, our very first step is always to get to know your needs. We start by meeting with you, and learning about your organization, your goals, your challenges, and your plans for growing your profits. Between a physical visit for observation, conversation with involved client associates and a review of what is available, we can typically utilize our vast experience and knowledge to provide feedback, develop financial proposals with a clear return on investment, and more.

First and foremost, ValuePoint offers you flexibility. Each client organization receives a custom-tailored program that answers the question, “What’s the right thing for you and your location?” And rest assured. We perform our assessments in the same manner we operate all aspects of our business — with complete confidentiality. Among the factors we thoroughly assess:

• Your organization’s geographic location(s)
• Your current materials situation, what materials you may want included in a program, and the amounts you currently pay for these materials
• Your inventory, including part numbers in your catalog, on- and off-site cribs, and how they are manned, and point-of-use presentations such as bins or vending machines
• Your systems for materials procurement accounting and detailed reports
• Your purchasing process, how they are quoted and approved, existing contracts and shipping terms
• Your numbers of personnel involved in the materials process: management, crib attendants, purchasing, accounting, systems, etc.
• What’s missing, not getting done, what metrics are out of control, and what you would like to see in your ideal indirect materials program


To keep your inventory better managed, better controlled and better supported, ValuePoint Material Solutions provides the following services and benefits:

  • Management and procurement of all materials
  • Inventory reduction
  • Dynamically adjusted inventory controls
  • Improved stock-out rates
  • Minimized inactive and obsolete materials
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Supplier management
  • One point of contact for suppliers and clients
  • Ensured supplier service and compliance
  • Distribution management
  • Elimination of production downtime
  • Reduced waits for crucial supplies
  • Fragmented inventory consolidation
  • Point-of-use vending and kitting


ValuePoint gives you a total cost reduction:

  • Spend Reduction:
    Piece and consumption reduction.

  • Inventory Reduction:
    Reduce what you have and plan for every part.

  • Staffing Focus:
    Your team regains 100% focus on your core responsibility.

  • Confidence:
    Solid internal controls and positive audits.

Are You Ready for the ValuePoint Difference?

Let us create customized solutions to fit your needs.