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ValuePoint Material Solutions strives to be recognized as a world-class materials consultant and service provider, giving a significant competitive advantage to our clients.


ValuePoint helps your business succeed by giving employees easy access to the tools they need and managers effortless access to critical data about usage. CribMaster is the flexible and customizable key to managing your indirect materials.

CribMaster offers software, industrial vending, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and Tool Control Systems. Offering multiple methods means ValuePoint Solutions provides the right option for your company. No matter which CribMaster system you choose, you can count on these benefits:

• Keep consumables and durable items in stock and within reach
• Save search time
• Increase employee accountability
• Streamline maintenance

Industrial Vending

Flexibility and accountability are the hallmarks of our point-of-use vending machines. Compact machines exist for tight spaces. If you need a unit in different places on different days, we offer a Portable Asset Dispensing Device (PADD.)

The concept is simple. You configure the system to limit item access based on roles. Employees authenticate with an ID and use integrated touchscreens to select what they need. Once dispensed, each item issued has its details automatically recorded in the database.

With configurable, secure storage in a number of forms, we work with you to create custom management systems for your durables and consumables.


Manufacturers are increasingly relying on technology to monitor equipment, assets and systems, creating a connected Internet of Things (IoT). Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the main element in the IoT. CribMaster integrates several tracking systems to feed information into a central database.

First, tags are attached to items. Employees use readers to scan the tag and identify the item. The software logs the event. The technology can monitor individual tools or vending cabinets. It can even help with safety compliance by sending an alert when a tagged tool is about to leave a designated area.

Tool Control Systems

Organization is essential for keeping track of tools. CribMaster systems use hardware, software and RFID technology to keep your facility organized. Options include:

• Secure storage lockers and drawers
• Precision-cut foam inserts
• Serialized tooling inventory
• Usage and inspection tracking
• Electronic records for issue and return

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