International Business Services Corporation

A $5B+ Annual Revenue Company providing offshore outsourced procurement services to major International Corporations.


Procurement Support – US Based


This client provides offshore procurement transactional services to several major US manufacturers typically utilizing their clients ERP software systems to do so.

With their largest client, this ValuePoint customer was becoming responsible not just for processing the transactions but also for identifying sources and guaranteeing piece price reductions


The client hired ValuePoint to provide support within the United States for the identification of indirect/MRO sources, data evaluation and cleansing, quote and online auction preparation, and actual quoting of product itself.

Processing indirect/MRO requests for some $225M in the US/Canada our customer was able to meet and even exceed its cost savings guarantees and they continue to trend well above required performance.

Our team members have been well recognized not only for their functional performance but also their customer service and interactions in supporting this client’s offshore (India) Associates, with additional procurement training, process development, and continuous improvement opportunities.