ISM2019 Houston, TX.



Welcome, we look forward to seeing you at the ISM2019 Conference in Houston, Tx.



Our company name is ValuePoint Material Solutions. We are a consultative, evidence-based solutions provider for MRO spend environments of all sizes that have identified the need to regain control of this spend category.

Our purpose is to stem the tide of over funded, underfunded, rogue/misspent funds with time and experience proven process, procedure, and analysis driven reporting and decision making.

Our Core Competency is the supply and support of procurement, purchasing, inventory management, and accountability-based usage reporting strategies. A-la-carte or turnkey.

We are supplier centric. A “Pure” integrator. FTE based. No product mark up, acquisition pass through. Full ROI strategy.

We will be exhibiting at the Houston, TX. ISM2019 conference.

To schedule ~15 minutes of time (either before or at the conference) with you to discuss our potential impact to your MRO spend and inventory environment, please contact me directly with the schedule that works best for you and your team.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Spence Webb

Business Development

ValuePoint Material Solutions | | 989 295 0422