Testimonial #4 Great Job Team


“After years of neglect, it took the ValuePoint’s in-plant team only a few weeks to have our storeroom looking professional and organized again.  It’s been amazing how in such a short period they have their arms around the inventory and the manufacturing floor could not be happier.”

               Gary D. – Maintenance Director, Big 3 Automotive Assembly Plant

Why Industrial Vending?


Industrial vending and Point of Use (POU) solutions have evolved over the past twenty years to accommodate an ever-increasing demand for clients need to operate smarter, leaner, and capture out-of-control spend in the historically taken for granted and largely ignored category – Indirect/MRO materials. Continue reading




We love the support we get from our clients, and will occasionally share their input.


“VP has been a huge asset for us here.  They took complete responsibility for everything indirect at this site and manage it accordingly.  Indirect spending has gone down while at the same time we are having a lot less stock outs in the crib.  While there are always challenges in a high-volume manufacturing environment, we now have someone that takes ownership and resolves them quickly.”

                                                                                                                                                                Jill C. – Indirect Material Manager, Tier 2 Automotive Supplier

ValuePoint exhibiting (Booth #211) at this years ISM2017 Conference in Orlando, Florida






Visit Booth #211 at ISM2017 in Orlando, Florida May 21-24, meet Spence Webb and learn how ValuePoint can assist your organization with-

  • Capture and cleanse material data (PFEP)
  • Reduce annual Indirect spend, and improve spend performance
  • Eliminate excess and obsolete materials
  • Track warranty and repair data
  • Procurement/Sourcing, Spend Management, P2P performance, Product performance, Inventory and Crib Management
  • ROI for Indirect/MRO materials management
  • Year over year double digit hard cost savings
  • Reporting/Accountability and Transparency
  • Systems, Processes and Procedures, Metrics and KPI
  • and much more…

Your business is generating profit from your core competency – Our core competency is managing Indirect/MRO materials, so you can concentrate on your business.

Please contact me with the information below to set a time at the show to go over our program details. I look forward to discussing how we can tailor a savings and management program for you.

Spence Webb
Business Development Manager
Email: swebb@valuepointsolutions.com
Mobile: 989 295 0422


ROI = MRO/Indirect


The Indirect Material spend category has historically included everything necessary to support the needs of operations. Some have included corporate level expenses like travel and entertainment, some have included logistics costs and/or periphery contracts for services such as grounds maintenance/snow removal. All would agree that the category spend MRO is generally the largest spend within Indirect, and the most problematic. You can set budgets for travel and entertainment and post against them, same with logistics and grounds maintenance contracts. But, how do you create and manage a budget for MRO? Further, what needs to happen to keep MRO from blindly bleeding profit from the site? Continue reading