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Q. While my organization may not need a full program from ValuePoint, we would consider having your experts work with us to develop our vision and action plan. Does ValuePoint offer material and purchasing consulting to assist with special projects or process improvement if we feel we have adequate processes and procedures already in place?

A. We absolutely do. From a full management program to simple consulting, ValuePoint can assist your organization in its material management and procurement activities. Simply contact one of our team members to discuss your needs, and see how we can tailor our services for you.

Q. My organization already has a capable ERP system. If we hired ValuePoint for purchasing and inventory management services, do we have to use ValuePoint’s system or can ValuePoint provide expertise using what we have?

A. Simply put, it depends. Very often, ValuePoint can provide many of our normal services with your ERP system depending on its capability, age and performance, in addition to how your organization is applying it. We normally would recommend that we use our systems, as they have been tailored to what we do specifically, allowing us to perform at an optimum level. With that being said, ValuePoint is always open to reviewing your specific situation.

Q. Does ValuePoint tailor its program around expectations for purchasing or inventory that my organization may require or desire to keep?

A. One of ValuePoint’s primary objectives is to ensure that our program is set up to service your needs. We take your organization’s goals, objectives and requirements and build on them – not rewrite them. Through the initial steps, we can assist in building a scope of services based on our discovery in collaboration with you, or simply quote the program you have already assembled, providing opportunities to build on it.

Q. Does ValuePoint have its own vendors, or do you use the ones we already utilize if you do purchasing for my organization?

A. ValuePoint has relationships with more than 6,000 vendors in virtually every imaginable industry. With that being said, we respect and will use any vendors you may have existing agreements with or desire to keep as part of your support structure. We will never substitute items without your pro-active approval, and, if needed, we can require your team’s approval prior to changing sources for identical items. We will always look for and provide an option for improved price points and services, as that’s what we do. It’s up to you to decide your priorities and needs.

Q. I’m not sure what services my organization needs to obtain our cost reduction goals. Does ValuePoint do assessments or otherwise come to us to make recommendations for how best to proceed?

A. Yes! Every client is different. As part of the discussion and discovery process, ValuePoint is pleased to come to you and assess your situation under normal circumstances. It only helps us help you to see the operation(s) first hand, and ask the questions that will support building the right service set for you.

Q. Can’t we just do the same things ValuePoint does ourselves?

A. In most cases, no. We suspect that this isn’t what your organization exists to do, and as a result, it’s a second thought. As a result, it’s normally done in a very reactive fashion and is just enough to get by instead of at a level to ensure it supports your financial goals and competitiveness. This is what ValuePoint does! Our people and our systems are designed and trained to do this and only this.

Q. How do I justify the cost of a program by ValuePoint?

A. As a service provider, ValuePoint is the first to understand that our programs must have a clear return on investment. In most cases, dependent on the scope of services, we can provide a program that will pay for itself and provide additional ROI above and beyond the program cost through a structured cost savings program. We will help you build this ROI for your organization.

Q. I’m afraid our organization may be too small for a ValuePoint program. Can you provide services on a small scale?

A. The answer depends on your definition of “small.” A full ValuePoint program does require a size significant enough to justify the labor and systems, and still provide a clear return. A smaller organization may benefit from a simple consulting approach that paints the path for what you can do internally, while larger organizations will see the most financial gain from a total approach.

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